Personally, I think it’s a time to be sober and try to comfort our beleaguered oil companies. But here are two other approaches.

Stephen Colbert’s oil cleanup plan goes awry:


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And Letterman provides the Top Ten BP Excuses (listed out below the video):


10. The Gulf of Mexico was overdue for its 3,000-mile oil change.

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9. We promise we’ll get around to it by Labor Day.

8. Relax, it’s only leaking 210,000 gallons a day.

7. Giving everyone a free BP travel mug.

6. Louisiana hasn’t had a disaster in 5 years.

5. Guy from Goldman Sachs said it would make money.

4. Blame FEMA.

3. Did you hear Ricky Martin’s gay?

2. Blame Toyota.

1. Honestly, we’re so reckless — surprised it took this long