UPDATE: Only a few hours after I posted this, Sodexo took down the video. Sorry if you weren’t able to have the same WTF?! moment I had, but Sodexo made the right decision.

UPDATE: We tracked down a file of the original video for your viewing pleasure.

Call it bad timing, tone deaf PR, or just plain dumb, but Sodexo, a “leading integrated facilities management services company” — better known to me as the corporation that provided all my crappy college food — released a new ad Tuesday promoting “safer” oil rigs. Watch the video below (especially nine seconds in):

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Really, Sodexo? Really?!

Sodexo provides a number of services for BP’s oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, but it looks like they’ve been too busy making bad ads to realize that oil rigs are not safe. For a reminder, I would refer the company here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Care to take that back, Sodexo?


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