The Fish and Wildlife Service has promised to evaluate the endangered status of 251 species in the next six years, if only so those pesky enviros will be quiet for a bit.

The country's largest rooftop solar-energy field will be installed in New Jersey, at a Toys "R" Us distribution center. No word on when the Barbie Dream House will go green, though.

Three senators released a bill that would cut subsidies to oil companies.

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Don't pat yourself on the back for flying on a plane that uses biofuels: If the fuel comes from palm oil grown on land converted from rainforest, it's responsible for 10 times more carbon dioxide emissions than conventional fuel, according to MIT researchers.

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Massachusetts became less optimistic about biomass once it became obvious that wood-burning plants were larger versions of the ovens used in Little House on the Prairie. We can probably learn a lot about sustainable living from the Ingallses, but their heating system was maybe not the greenest.

Men are mostly responsible for the growth in cycling. Hop on those bikes, ladies.