The true successors to incandescent lightbulbs aren't CFLs, but LEDs, which are a totally different technology that, to date, has been a tad too expensive for most consumer. (Think $40 to $50 a bulb.)

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Switch LED aims to change that, with a bulb technology that's different in a handful of key ways. First, the bulbs are liquid-cooled — hence their vaguely glass-paperweightish appearance. Second, their tiny LED bulbs are arrayed around the outside of the larger bulb, to create more diffuse light. And they're cheap: at $20 a bulb and only 15 percent the energy draw of a traditional bulb, they can pay for themselves in just a year.

But perhaps the most appealing thing about these bulbs is simple curb appeal. Who wouldn't want to twist one of these into a socket and gaze at its jellyfish-like magnificence?

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