This is a carbon tax: Australia is going to put a tax of $23 per metric ton on carbon emissions from 500 companies.

Hybrids and electric vehicles may no longer be legally allowed to slink quietly down the street, surprising pedestrians and dogs everywhere. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing a rule requiring that the near-silent cars emit some sort of sound at low speeds.

The EPA is not happy with ExxonMobil and the company's plan to clean up the Yellowstone River. I mean, it’s in favor of cleaning up, it just thinks this particular plan stinks.

France is putting $14.26 billion into five offshore wind farms that could provide 3.5 percent of the country's energy.

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Look, a Texan who believes in climate change! Be very, very quiet, or it might run away.

The Great Insect Massacre: cars in U.S. alone kill an estimated 32.5 trillion insects each year.

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