Mitt Romney doesn't think carbon is a pollutant and doesn't think the EPA should regulate it. But he has said that we should reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases. May he doesn't understand what those words mean?

The hybrid electric flying car! (Brought to you by the military-industrial complex.)

Climate change could wipe out whitebark pine trees in the West, but the Fish and Wildlife Service can't be bothered to list the trees as endangered, or even threatened.

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So many people want to frack oil and gas fields that Halliburton can barely keep up with demands for equipment and its profits are way up. Sometimes it seems like “Halliburton’s profits are way up” should be the kicker on every news story for the last 12 years or so.

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If you have a New Yorker subscription, you can read this long feature on tiny houses and Jay Shafer, the tiny house guru. If you don't, no sweat: Treehugger has been all over this stuff for ages.

What I'll be saying to my children: "You can’t leave the table until you've finished your onion skins, honey." Apparently, we've been throwing away the next superfood like so much trash, when all onion skins needed was a little love and processing to keep us as healthy as kale does.