A Berkeley scientist who was once critical of climate science did an independent study that confirmed that climate change is happening and that common claims from skeptics are totally spurious. Skeptics are still skeptical.

Three-quarters of Americans think that the government should push harder on developing clean energy.

Shocker: The government also invested in electric cars and some of them were not perfect, i.e., THIS IS THE NEXT SOLYNDRA.

Natural gas companies don't understand why the EPA would want to make rules about fracking wastewater disposal: "We'll do it in a responsible way! Well, at least, we do now, after the New York Times revealed that we've just been dumping it into a river! But we'll do better! Honest!"

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The gas industry does have a strategy for making people like fracking more, though. It's basically: 1) the children are our future and they like South Park and 2) get on Facebook.

Washington state is building its first dam in 25 years.

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Stand aside, Texas: North and now South Dakota are the new oil states.