Back in August, the Internet discovered Aidan Dwyer, a 13-year-old go-getter who worked out a way to make solar panels more efficient. Because nobody likes a 13-year-old go getter, the Internet basically told him NO YOU'RE WRONG.

Okay, so he should have measured power instead of voltage when testing his solar panel design. But it turns out Dwyer is totally getting the last laugh here, and is proving that nerdy 13-year-old go-getters actually are just better at life than most people on the Internet. Dwyer's spoken at PopTech's annual innovation conference and is scheduled to speak at the World Future Energy Summit.

And, despite all evidence that people are jerks, he continues to be a sunny, optimistic fella. He's still working on a solar panel design! This time he's measuring current and power. (Happy now, Internet?) His design still mimics a tree, and it’s still outperforming traditional panels, so put that in your solar pipe and solar smoke it. And as Dwyer told the Wall Street Journal, "I'm thinking that it could actually change the world."

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