Florida’s governor names climate panel, talks up green economy

Used to be the greenest thing in Florida was a golf course — or maybe an old lady’s dye job gone slightly awry. But something’s happening in that sunshiny state. This week, Gov. Charlie Crist (R) followed up on an early-summer commitment by picking 21 business, community, and environmental leaders to serve on his Action Team on Energy and Climate Change. By November, the team will put forward plans for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and diversifying electricity sources; by next October, they’ll shape a strategy for mitigating the impacts of development and emissions on public health, the environment, and the economy. Speaking of which — and this is where our heart really goes pitter-pat — Crist believes that environment and economy go hand in hand, saying there’s “gold in green” and “tremendous opportunities for job creation,” and proclaiming, “It is not mutually incompatible to have people who work in industry care about the environment.” All hail common sense.