China’s renewable-energy sector is growing substantially despite the simultaneous growth of its famous dirty-energy sector, according to a study by nonprofit The Climate Group. While China recently took the lead as the world’s largest carbon emitter and continues building roughly one coal-fired power plant a week on average, the country’s renewables industry is also setting records. In 2007, China’s $12 billion investment in renewables was second only to Germany’s; by 2009, China’s renewables-investment is expected to be the world’s largest. According to the report, China already has the world’s largest installed capacity for renewables generation, due in large part to the huge (and hugely controversial) Three Gorges Dam. But even discounting hydropower, China’s renewables industry looks promising. According to the report, China is the world’s fifth-largest wind-power producer, the biggest manufacturer of both solar panels and solar water heaters, and will soon be the world’s top exporter of wind turbines. “Everybody sees China as this monster polluter, but it is doing so much more than that,” said Changhua Wu of The Climate Group. “China has got the green message.”