Muckraker: Grist on Politics

We posted last week about GM Vice Chair Bob Lutz expressing a little climate-change skepticism on The Colbert Report. Josh Nelson wrote about it as well over on Huffington Post, and thus began an online conversation with GM’s director of news relations, Tom Wilkinson, who defended both Lutz and the company’s environmental policies.

“There is no reason a three-dimensional human being (like Bob Lutz) can’t be skeptical about global warming orthodoxy and still be wildly passionate about more efficient vehicles,” wrote Wilkinson. “Which he is, by the way.”

Nelson followed up today with more, where Wilkinson again weighed in. The whole thing has created some interesting back-and-forth about the sort of standards one expects from companies like GM, and whether a business can claim to care about climate policy while putting forward “dissenting voices” like Lutz.

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After all, how is Joe Six Pack supposed to react when he hears about GM “going green” in one breath while one of its top executives takes a very public swat at the science demonstrating the tie between humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels and global warming?

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