Skyrocketing fuel prices show no sign of flagging, and no one’s happy about it (except the occasional holier-than-thou environmentalist). Truck drivers and transportation operators have threatened to strike, gone on strike, or are still striking in Britain, France, Hong Kong, India, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand. In some places truckers have quit the roads altogether, while others are driving at a crawl and snarling traffic. In those countries as well as Malaysia and Nepal, protesters have taken to the streets; two protesters in Spain and Portugal have died trying to block traffic. The pushback is arguably taking the most toll in Spain, where gas stations in some areas have run dry, supermarket shelves are emptying, and the car industry will likely shut down entirely this week for a lack of parts and fuel. As of May 30, average gas prices were $3.96 in the United States, $8.31 in Britain, $9.66 in France, and $11.49 in Germany.