Lured by generous state subsidies, the wind industry is having its day in the sun breeze in upstate New York. But the scramble for turbine-friendly land has led to complaints of corruption and caused schisms in rural communities. At least two wind companies are being investigated for shady dealings, and evidence of possible improper influence or conflicts of interest have emerged in at least 12 counties. Some residents decry what they say is a none-too-polite, get-out-of-my-way mentality by Big Wind, and say the turbines spoil views, ruin the quiet, threaten land and wildlife, and cause unnecessary conflict. “Is it worth destroying families, pitting neighbor against neighbor, father against son?” says electrician John Yancey. “Is it worth destroying a whole way of life?” Others, however, see job growth, tax revenue, clean energy, and much-needed money. It’s a “once-in-lifetime chance at prosperity,” says retired dairy farmer Bill Burke. “[Y]ou would have to be a fool not to participate, to be excited and take advantage of it.”