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This year’s fire season is already off to a dire start. Historic heatwaves have shattered temperature records across the country. In California, authorities are reporting that July fire activity is looking more like what they would expect to see in September or October.

Since 1999, Grist has provided vital reporting on our changing planet. This year is no different. Extreme drought and climate change-amplified heat waves will impact this year’s fire season — and Grist will be there to report on it.

That’s why we’ve launched The Burning Issue, a limited-run weekly newsletter where Grist reporters will examine fire suppression practices, explore the side effects of wildfires, and break down the overall impact of fire season through the course of the summer and fall.

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To help support our wildfire coverage, Grist is raising $20,000 this summer. If you’re a long-time Grist subscriber, you already know your generous donations make critical reporting like this possible, and we cannot thank you enough.

The best way to support this project is to become a monthly sustaining member. Members who give monthly are helping us achieve greater financial sustainability, allowing us to build budgets and make decisions about when we can hire new reporters and launch projects like our wildfire coverage. Will you join us as a monthly member today?

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