Do you wish you could bike more, but you can't bear the thought of going your whole commute without flashing high-end labels? Okay, probably not, but if you were we'd have a solution for you. Kate Spade, Missoni, and Ralph Lauren have all launched designer bikes this year. According to the rules of a New York Times trend piece, three is officially a trend, so we're calling it: Fashion label bikes are the new hot thing.

The designers don't have anything to do with the structure of the bikes, of course — those are manufactured by established bike fabricators. But they oversee … the paint job, I guess? Plus, of course, they design a line of coordinating bike accessories! And they lend their fashion cachet to help make biking cool, which we can't really get mad at.

Not all the bikes have designer price tags — Missoni's was produced as part of its Target line, and cost $399. But Ralph Lauren's bike will be $2,200, which is more in line with what you might expect.

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