Scotland’s plan to build offshore wind turbines would curb climate change, reduce the country’s reliance on foreign oil, and create thousands of jobs. But Donald Trump don’t give a f***.

Trump appeared before the Scottish Parliament’s economy, energy, and tourism committee today to speak out against the country’s plan to build offshore wind turbines. His argument? Eleven wind turbines — located a full 1.5 miles from land — will “ruin Scotland’s tourism.”

Trump’s testimony is more of the same hot air he’s been blowing for months. You see, the Donald bought a 1,400-acre piece of property in Scotland back in 2006. He’s already built a luxury golf course and plans to construct a resort and homes. A handful of turbines way out in the ocean will destroy the views his upscale clients pay to see — I mean, er, ruin tourism for the ENTIRE country.

Trump — who is a climate change denier, by the way — went into several crazy-person rants during his testimony, including calling First Minister Alex Salmond a liar. But when Trump was asked to provide evidence that wind turbines would negatively impact Scotland’s tourism, his response was especially ridiculous. “I am the evidence,” he said. “I am considered a world-class expert in tourism.” Classic.

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