Guinea pigs disturb German town with loud sex

They're up all night til the sun, they're up all night listening to guinea pigs getting lucky.

Watch a bull terrier nurse cute baby goats using special milk pants

You can call these "raw milk pants" if you want, but they'll always be a weird diaper/bra hybrid in my mind.

Fashion tips from nature, in adorable comic form

It's time our tank tops had false heads to distract our predators. Three words for fall 2014: BIRD POOP CAMO.

Your daily aww: Abused donkey wears pants to heal

This donkey got soft, fly-proof pants so his fur can grow back without pesky bites. Your heart will break, I'm warning you.

Hold on to your balls! This fish will eat them

The pacu is like a piranha ... except it's known for biting testicles. And now it's loose in Scandinavian waters.

Awesome farmer builds his pigs a mudslide, just for kicks

One can only imagine the gush-gush-SLURRRP noises and happy oinks that followed.

Need a distraction? Here’s the baby penguin live cam

Decidedly rock-and-roll pengiun parents Floyd and Roxy gave birth to fuzzy li'l babies you can spy on.

Watch this ridiculous deadpan video about owls

Ze Frank is the Dr. Spaceman of owl videos. Except he might actually know something, like why baby owls camouflage themselves as Muppets.

Rare baby zonkey born in Italy

A male zebra and a female donkey found love in a hopeless place.