Dolphin escapes captivity and reunites with her family

Sampal the dolphin was caught illegally and sold to an aquarium, but after a daring escape she's running free. It's basically Black Beauty but with dolphins.

Bumblebee high-fives British guy in strange yet charming video

One more thing to miss if colony collapse disorder keeps killing all the bees: INSECT HIGH-FIVES.

Male bats, like other males, sing to seduce

How is a male bat like Iggy Pop? He may be kinda ugly, but girls love a musician.

This dog in a beekeeper suit is not just being adorable (but he’s also adorable)

He's not headed into space ... but he IS about to smell some beehives to see if they have American foulbrood.

Pick up trash, find an octopus!

Who killed this octopus near the apex of England's highest mountain? And WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

Spiders suck in prey with scary magnetic webs

Oh, was there a chance you WEREN'T gonna have nightmares tonight? You're welcome.

This weird-looking orca might actually be its own species

The Type D orca has a slightly hooked fin, snoutlike nose, and smaller white spot than other orcas. BUT WHAT WILL ITS RAPPER NAME BE?

Follow live tweets from the world’s first tweeting honey badger

Honey badger just don't care ... about anything except live-tweeting from the Johannesburg Zoo.

“Moose Sex Project” gives Canadian moose a red-light district

Nova Scotia moose are dying off, so an old guy donated some land for them to get jiggy.