Follow live tweets from the world’s first tweeting honey badger

Honey badger just don't care ... about anything except live-tweeting from the Johannesburg Zoo.


“Moose Sex Project” gives Canadian moose a red-light district

Nova Scotia moose are dying off, so an old guy donated some land for them to get jiggy.


Confused black bear breaks INTO zoo

Silly bear. Everyone knows you try to get OUT of the zoo.


Here is the Batman theme sung by actual bats

Da na na na na na na na BAT SOUNDS!


Watch a gorilla lose his cool with a bunch of bullying kids

We're enjoying this video in which jerky children get a well-deserved pants-peeing scare.


Doggie food truck trend refuses to die

Seven bucks on a treat for your pooch is NOTHING when you realize you get to scoop it up later, too.


Please do not shoot the world’s oldest wild bear

So 39 is now considered "old, old, old." Great. JUST GREAT.

Climate & Energy

Climate change threatening the David Hasselhoff crab

Um, we CANNOT let global warming kill this crab named after David Hasselhoff's hairy chest.


A red panda has gone missing from the National Zoo

A red panda named Rusty went missing at 6 last night. He's probably just in a tree somewhere and not running with a tough raccoon gang, but who knows.