This Saturday, Oct. 24, is the International Day of Climate Action.  You’re all geared up to join an event in your hometown or ‘hood, right?  Here are a few videos to get you even more pumped up., which is sponsoring the day, gives us a sneak preview of the animations that will splash across Times Square on Saturday (warning: no headphones required):

Bill McKibben explains the significance of the number 350 to Stephen Colbert:

Current Green gets the scoop on how the 350 movement has gone viral from Bill McKibben and other 350-ers.

Denizens of the Maldives, an island nation threatened by rising sea levels, dramatize their plight with underwater escapades:

Greenpeace puts out the call for real action:

And, best of all, Umbra gets into the game:

Seen any other good Climate Action Day videos? Tell us all about them below in comments.