Ashley Braun

Ashley Braun is Grist's News Producer and (unofficially) its Official Puntificator. She's also a science nerd, a lazy runner, an organic container gardener, and an accidental "expert" on topics like cross-country relationships and social media.

Converting astronaut poop to space power — the final frontier?

UNESCO's 2011 space odyssey involves launching a shatellite filled with bacteria that could possibly turn astro-poo into power. At last!

Saving the world's future food supply is key to climate adaptation, says Cary 'Dr. Doom' Fowler

In a world being shaped by a rapidly changing climate, Cary Fowler believes the most efficient way to deal with the coming challenges is by hoarding as many different kinds of crop seeds as possible -- in a frozen mountain …

Bras give energy efficiency a sexy boost in Italy

An Italian lingerie company is offering to help women shrink their waste while supporting their busts (and the planet) with a bra recycling program that finally gives energy efficiency that sexy push-up it's been lacking.

A turkey virgin gobbles for help!

Normally a vegetarian for environmental reasons, I've ordered an organic, heritage breed turkey from a local farm. But what do I do with it now?

Canned unicorn meat finally horns its way into the meat market

Remember the sloppy public relations job the National Pork Board did in response to canned unicorn, "the new white meat"? You can finally enjoy that sparkly unicorn taste you've been missing out on!

Plastic bag rap urges people to jump on the ban-wagon [VIDEO]

Plastic, it's the "fossil product all your crap's made of," and its ubiquity is the motivation for this Jay-Z parody aimed at giving plastic bags a bad rap. Watch the video and let us know if you like the way …

Looking at meat drives men into a fit of calmness, happiness

Canadian researchers recently steaked the claim that the sight of a big, juicy burger and other well-done meats soothes the savage and beastly instincts in men. But can vegetarians remain calm?

Did Sarah Palin's new nature reality show get too close to the wildlife? [VIDEO]

When the former governor's TLC show, Sarah Palin's Alaska, debuted, conservationists say the Palins got too close to the bears. Is Palin being her maverick-y self and breaking all the (wildlife) rules? Or are people just splitting hairs? Take a …

Americans need to stop multitasking while eating alone, argues French sociologist Claude Fischler

You're not alone in eating alone -- at least in America. It's what most of us do: in front of computers and TVs, or in cars. But as the preëminent French food sociologist Claude Fischler explained, we represent one extreme …