For Italian ladies wanting to shrink their waste and support their busts, Italian lingerie company Intimissimi is offering to pay them to rack up environmental cred by recycling their old bras. Until the end of November, women can exchange worn-out over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders for three euros (four dollars) of credit toward a new bra. The program is like Cash for Clunkers, but sexier. (And hopefully less clunky for the planet.)

Once the bras are done padding women’s busts, they’ll go on to pad the walls of their pads as soundproof insulating panels. Energy efficiency and bra recycling? Sounds like the perfect fit, and a tad more comfy than the rice-growing or reusable chopstick-holding bras out there.

So far, this risqué program hasn’t made Intimissimi look like a boob either: “Since the program started on Oct. 18, 30 to 40 percent percent of all bras sold in Intimissimi stores have involved the trade-in bonus.”

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Take a peek at the Italian commercial advertising the deal, which I’m sure has the, ahem, breast intentions:

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