Aura Bogado

Aura Bogado is Grist's justice writer.

We shall overcomb

Heading to D.C. this week? There’s a climate-themed protest for you.

To welcome Trump, organizers have plans to disrupt meetings, erect blockades, and hold a dance party


California’s drought causes a lot more pain than brown lawns and empty swimming pools.

The state's most vulnerable residents bear the drought's biggest burdens.


A massive gas-price hike in Mexico is leading to frustration, violence, and death.

Starting on New Year’s Day, the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto increased gas prices up to 20 percent.

What do we want?

Two of the year’s biggest stories were about vulnerable people demanding safe drinking water.

Get used to it: Environmental justice stories are here to stay.


Can Airbnb keep its users from discriminating against each other?

Sharing our resources is one piece of a more sustainable future -- if we can share fairly.

The backstory on Standing Rock, the federal government, and tribal sovereignty

A primer on the body of law that has everything to do with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

A Li'l Color in the Ivory Tower

It’s a pretty good time to catch up on your environmental justice reading.

What do you focus on first: Environmental degradation or state violence? Start by understanding how they're related.

President Obama says the Dakota Access Pipeline could get rerouted.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's chairman says he believes the Obama administration "will do the right thing."

taken for a ride — or not

Uber works great for white male riders.

A new study indicates all rides are not created equally.