Aura Bogado

Aura Bogado is Grist's justice writer.

Dakota Access

The backstory on Standing Rock, the federal government, and tribal sovereignty

A primer on the body of law that has everything to do with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

A Li'l Color in the Ivory Tower

It’s a pretty good time to catch up on your environmental justice reading.

What do you focus on first: Environmental degradation or state violence? Start by understanding how they're related.

dakota access

President Obama says the Dakota Access Pipeline could get rerouted.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's chairman says he believes the Obama administration "will do the right thing."

taken for a ride — or not

Uber works great for white male riders.

A new study indicates all rides are not created equally.

Dakota Access

An obscure disaster-relief law was used to clear the Dakota Access camp.

The mutual-aid program is being used to facilitate the use of police from six others states.

Justice for All?

Exclusive: EPA’s top official commits to doing right by communities of color

“The agency has a lot to prove,” Gina McCarthy told Grist. “And we are going to do that.”

trash talk

Garbage is a dirty business. L.A. is trying to clean it up.

Los Angeles tries to make the garbage industry better for workers and better for the environment.

Broken Record

September was hot — really hot.

Depending on who you ask, it was the hottest or second hottest September ever recorded. Yow.

The shaming economy

Uber momentarily flew drones over Mexico City to shame the city’s drivers.

Uber chastised Mexico City commuters for driving alone to promote its carpooling service, UberPOOL.