Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson is the political director of Climate Hawks Vote.

LCV: The League of Clinton Voters?

Why the League of Conservation Voters was wrong to endorse Hillary Clinton

Not a single vote has been cast yet in the Democratic primary, so it's way too early to cut off the green conversation about candidates.

Roger Pielke Jr

111 ways Nate Silver hire Roger Pielke Jr doesn’t like you

Roger Pielke Jr, the political scientist recently hired by Nate Silver’s new FiveThirtyEight “data journalism” venture, thinks climate scientists are McCarthyite political activists who are lying, exaggerating bullshitters and alarmists. Guess what he thinks about Grist readers (#79)!

Jeff Bezos visits Washington Post

Washington Post acquires climate-conspiracy blog

The Volokh Conspiracy, a blog of climate conspiracy theorists, is now part of the Washington Post.

Google and Facebook green guys baffled why their companies are in ALEC

At a recent forum on the Internet industry’s support for green energy, Facebook and Google representatives could not explain why their companies are members of ALEC, the powerful lobbying organization that opposes that mission.

Kernen on Superstorm Sandy

CNBC Marks Sandy Anniversary By Mocking Climate Change

CNBC host Joe Kernen marked the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy by questioning the wisdom of investing to protect utility customers from climate change.

There’s only one thing that matters for Obama’s legacy

The election is over, the inauguration is complete, and it is time, as President Obama said in his inaugural address, to "answer the call of history." That means taking bold action on climate change. As President Obama embarks on his …

Introducing Ethical Electric: A new utility that lets people choose clean power

Ethical Electric will provide 100 percent renewable electricity to its members, while also mobilizing them on progressive energy and climate action.

Obama ad ties Mitt Romney to Big Oil’s gas-price attacks

The Obama campaign is acting as if it is already in a general-election fight, against a Big Oil-Mitt Romney ticket.

Meet Mr. Coal Guy: He’ll say anything to make you think coal is safe

The Sierra Club launches a new campaign using classic shows like Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting to parody the desperation of Big Coal advertising.