Brentin Mock

Brentin Mock

Justice matters

Brentin Mock is Grist's justice editor. Follow him on Twitter at @brentinmock.


In Ferguson, walking while black was a crime

A new Justice Department report finds that Michael Brown's death was part of a pattern of racial discrimination and harassment of African Americans.

Climate & Energy

It’s hard to worry about polar bears when Malawi is flooding RIGHT NOW

Yeah, there's a Polar Bear Day, but we've frankly got more pressing concerns.


Climate change is the ultimate gentrifier

If you're really worried about gentrification, your best bet is tackling problems related to racial inequities and climate change vulnerability.

Climate & Energy

What a 20-year biomass battle tells us about environmental justice policy

A recent news story held up a wood-burning power plant as the poster child for the EPA's civil rights failures. But the issue is not black and white.

Ya burnt!

Baltimore youth get another big win in fight against incinerator

A Baltimore County committee voted to end its contract with the company planning to build a waste-to-energy facility.

Climate & Energy

Meet Lewis Latimer, the African American who enlightened Thomas Edison

He helped bring electricity to the masses, and understood the links between electric power and political power. He'd love today's distributed solar movement.


Can we green the hood without gentrifying it?

How gentrification dirties up environmental cleanups.


Who says gentrification is a myth?

Recent reports claim that gentrification is fiction. But it’s a fact of life for those who’ve been displaced by it.


Urban planners may have finally found how to get to Sesame Street

With "equitable development," planners say they've finally figured out how to make sustainable, healthy neighborhoods accessible to everyone.

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