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Brentin Mock is Grist's justice editor. Follow him on Twitter at @brentinmock.

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The end of federal environmental justice as we know it

As the Trump team takes office, the movement will have to adapt.

Environmental injustice and police violence are a dangerous combo

Black Lives Matter -- which means the air we breathe does, too.

Climate change is making prisons even hotter and more dangerous

As the climate heats up, so do unconstitutional (and sometimes deadly) conditions in overcrowded prisons.

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Marijuana plants suck up energy in Denver

The flowering reefer industry is sucking up energy, and the city has no efficiency plans in place to mitigate the problem.

Connecting the dots between the environment and justice

Help change the conversation about race and environmentalism.

We graded the feds on their environmental justice programs — here’s how they fared

Each year, government agencies report on what they've done to protect overburdened communities from environmental harms. Some do better than others.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to tell Ben Carson is clueless on climate

The Republican presidential hopeful spouts off on science, the economy, and other things he doesn’t understand.

In Baltimore and Cleveland, a unique approach to reviving the inner city

These cities are building businesses around "anchor institutions" like hospitals and universities -- and providing much-needed jobs for local residents.

Baltimore riots flared up in a toxic environment

A local youth activists says the enraged protesters’ “behavior is a result, or correlates with the environment that they live in.”