Brentin Mock

Brentin Mock

Read, black, and green

Brentin Mock is Grist's justice editor. Follow him on Twitter at @brentinmock.

Climate & Energy

Frackers are terrorizing school kids in California

No surprise: Young people of color are hit hardest.


Comedian Wyatt Cenac on mayo, hair salons, and gentrification

The former Daily Show correspondent says there are two kinds of gentrifier. Only one would open a mayonnaise shop.

Climate & Energy

Big Energy has tried to turn people of color against solar power since forever

Happily, more and more people are seeing through the hype.


Pollution could land your kid at the back of the class — and in prison

Recent studies show that air pollution decreases test scores and contributes to ADHD, both of which can cause big trouble later in life.


Was the shocking outcome of Maryland’s gubernatorial race about rain, or something else?

Pundits have blamed the "rain tax" for Anthony Brown's loss to an unknown Republican. But did race play a role?

Climate & Energy

We pay inmates $3 a day to fight California wildfires

The program is sold as a way to teach criminals the virtue of hard work. But who are the real criminals here?

Climate & Energy

Wait, who says people of color don’t care about the climate?

A new poll claims that blacks and Latinos are far too busy fretting about jobs and schools to worry about climate change. That's just bunk.

Climate & Energy

Texas lobbying group busted for phony anti-solar campaign

The Consumer Energy Alliance has been pushing a cynical campaign to turn public opinion against policies that promote solar power. In Wisconsin, it just backfired.

Nothing But Net Metering

Black lawmakers push back against coal utilities’ new trick

Utilities are using black lawmakers to drive up prices on clean energy -- and the long-term health of low-income communities of color hangs in the balance.

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