Chris Mooney

Chris Mooney is a science and political journalist, blogger, podcaster, experienced trainer of scientists in the art of communication, and the host of Climate Desk Live.

A massive hurricane just slammed into Cabo

Hurricane Odile is the strongest storm on record to hit the resort town … and just the latest monster storm from the Eastern Pacific this year.

This man wrote hundreds of letters warning politicians not to lie. It worked.

Political scientist Brendan Nyhan explains why fact-checking keeps candidates honest … sometimes.

Stop pretending that liberals are just as anti-science as conservatives

No, GMOs and vaccines are not the liberal equivalent of climate denial.


10 birds your grandkids may never see, thanks to climate change

A new study by the Audubon Society suggests global warming threatens a vast number of North American bird species.

Why coal is (still) worse than fracking and cow burps

Geoscientist Raymond Pierrehumbert argues that carbon dioxide is always worse than shorter-lived pollutants like methane.

There have been 5 — yes, 5! — monster hurricanes in the eastern Pacific this year

And we're only halfway through the season.

Why ignoring global warming is like driving across a rickety bridge

A viral tweet perfectly captures just how irresponsible climate denial is.

Why the scientific case against fracking keeps getting stronger

Anthony Ingraffea argues that fugitive methane emissions turn natural gas from a climate benefit into yet another strike against fossil fuels.

When did Republicans start hating the environment?

Roughly 1991, according to a new study.