Chris Mooney

Chris Mooney is a science and political journalist, blogger, podcaster, experienced trainer of scientists in the art of communication, and the host of Climate Desk Live.

The strange relationship between global warming denial and … speaking English

Climate denial isn't a worldwide delusion. It's a distinctly Anglophone one.

How Western civilization ended, circa 2014

Two historians turn to science fiction to scare the hell out of you about climate change.

man throwing money

Rich Republicans are the worst climate deniers

We already knew about the "smart idiot" effect. Now, meet the "rich idiot" effect.

Conservatives don’t deny climate science because they’re ignorant. They deny it because of who they are

A provocative new study claims that conservative climate skeptics actually know plenty of science.

Jon Stewart explains how to make GOP senators care about climate

"Barack Obama must become a global warming denier," says the Daily Show host. "We'd have cap-and-trade by the morning."

Hurricane Cristina just set a scary record

For the first time on record, the eastern Pacific basin has now had two Category 4 hurricanes before July.

Why David Brat is completely wrong about climate science

At a campaign event, he repeated the myth that climate scientists used to think we're headed into a new Ice Age.

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how Republicans blew it on climate change

The "Cosmos" host dishes on our warming planet, why science is "trending" in our culture, and the meaning of a groundbreaking science TV experiment.

Republicans are claiming the new climate rules will wreck the economy. They’re wrong

With every new environmental regulation, there are cries of economic disaster. But those disasters never actually happen.