Emma Foehringer Merchant

Better state than never

States will be the places to watch on climate in 2017.

There will be a big, federal-sized hole in climate ambition, but California, Iowa, and Massachusetts, among others, are stepping up.

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Here’s some of the best environmental writing of 2016, according to us.

Here are people who did a rad job of covering climate change and other green issues in 2016.

2016, not all bad?

These states are already stepping up on climate action to prepare for a Trump presidency.

In the coming four years, expect more like this from states unwilling to put up with backsliding.

here we go again

Trump’s pick to head the federal budget questions whether the government should fund science.

Trump pick Mick Mulvaney wears his climate change denial proudly.

make coal great again?

The Obama administration pushed out an environmental rule just in time for Trump to reverse ’em.

Obama finally updated a regulation, but it can be easily undone by Trump.

carbon bubble

The weird way that Obama’s press conference was actually, sort of, about climate change.

"Their economy doesn’t produce anything that anyone wants to buy except oil and gas and arms."

Green money

Global divestment from fossil fuels has doubled since last year.

What began largely as a grassroots effort on college campuses has grown into a global movement.

A boy named sue

This man tried to sue the pants off the EPA, and now he’ll be running it.

Trump picked Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as his EPA chief, and that has Democrats and environmentalists fearing global calamity.

land rights and wrongs

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon increased by a whopping 29 percent this year — but there’s a way to slow it.

Loggers depleted 3,000 square miles of the Amazon from August 2015 to July 2016.