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Tell women about birth control that works — and they’ll choose birth control that works

We bring this to you straight from the "no shit" department.

Kids These Days

American teens have incredibly depressing beliefs about money

A new study from the Journal of Poverty suggests that teens might be reaching new heights of disillusionment.


What if we banned street harassment? Buenos Aires might

There are currently two proposed bills in Buenos Aires that would make catcalling illegal.

Puffin Stuff

Time to awaken your primal desire to hang out with a puffin

The internet has restored puffin-joy (the purest form of joy) to my life and yours!


Somehow, Seattle musicians are still killing it

Watch us chat with Tacocat, the palindromic stars of Seattle's music scene, about feminist punk, public transit, and Macklemore.


Can a video game change the way we deal with sexual assault?

Two students did the impossible: They made a video game about sexual assault prevention that isn’t completely lame.


This terrifying new tool tells you how slutty you are

HINT: It's probably less than your parents.


Did John Oliver just shake and bake the poultry industry?

Apparently, if you want something fixed, get John Oliver to tackle it.

Game of Knowns

If Game of Thrones’ murderous ice zombies don’t make you care about climate change, we give up

A recent episode of Game of Thrones made a pretty compelling argument for climate action. Warning: Some general spoilers!