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Shots and Chasers

Reminder: Abortion is legal and you shouldn’t be paying for birth control

In this week’s Shots & Chasers, we’re giving you what you need to know about your reproductive rights now.

Shots and Chasers

These Halloween costume ideas will make your feminist dude the sexiest person at the party

In this week’s Shots & Chasers, we’re going to focus on What’s Going On With Male Birth Control.

Shots and Chasers

You don’t need a partner this cuffing season — but you do need to keep up on the war against abortion access

This week, we’re sharing some fantastic and fascinating long reads on the battle for reproductive rights.

Climate & Energy

Climate action thought experiment: Why don’t we just squish all of the continents together?

We talk with artist and philosopher Jonathon Keats about his new project: fighting climate change by creating a new supercontinent.

Shots and Chasers

We present incontrovertible proof that women are funnier than men

As you take in this week's reproductive rights news, listen to Maya Rudolph: "Have a glass of wine. Have 10 glasses of wine!"

Shots and Chasers

Pour a glass of booze and saddle up for this week’s birth control news

We're talking imprisoned mothers, late-term abortions, Amy Poehler, and apple cake for this week's Shots & Chasers.


Fossil fuels may be causing some serious damage on “The Leftovers” — just like in real life!

The HBO series' season two premiere featured some Texan earthquakes ... sound familiar?

Shots and Chasers

Got a date? Take him or her home — in honor of House Republicans

In honor of recreational sex, our chasers for the week are going to be as unreasonably caliente as we can muster.


Think birth control access doesn’t matter to the planet? Watch this

Watch the video above for our explanation of why reproductive rights matter to the planet -- featuring basic kitchen appliances!