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Surprise — teens are having sex. How can we make it safer?

Teen sex is not a big deal as long it's done safely -- which is where, sadly, we start to run into trouble.


Sea lion, fed up with climate change, hits the bar

All jokes about sea lions and Hair of the Dogs aside, starving sea lions landing in Newport bars is really upsetting.


The Constitution doesn’t care about your uterus

We're stuck in a hellish tango around the constitutional validity of controlling our uteri.

Climate & Energy

Look forward to a sweaty future, America, thanks to climate change

There's a lot of bodily moisture in the cards as parts of the U.S. get warmer, and more people choose to move to those parts of the country.


Need a pick-me-up? We’ll be here (if you help us stay alive)

Here's your chaser to depressing planetary news.


Genetic engineering could make DIY heroin as easy as brewing beer

Disclaimer: This is not the type of homebrew you should bring to a Memorial Day barbecue.


Watch this before you get down to sexy times tonight

This video is a sweet and straightforward guide to sexual consent, and should be shared with everyone you know who has sex.


House Republicans do their part to commemorate National Women’s Health Week



Texas doesn’t give a damn about your reproductive rights

The majority of women in Texas encounter some sort of barrier to accessing reproductive healthcare.