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put a (nuva) ring on it

No, really, your birth control is supposed to be free now

Some insurance providers still aren't eliminating copays for birth control, and that's dumb.


John Oliver reminds us that Mother’s Day is a ridiculous sham

Quit with the flimflam and support politicians who make mothers' lives easier.


Cops still have no clue how to deal with sexual harassment on public transit

World: Women don't need another reason to feel like their safety in public spaces doesn't matter.


Here’s the soundtrack to your city

If you, too, have always tried to learn a city to a soundtrack, this map is for you.


This infographic shows why good bread costs more dough

Here's a comparison of how an artisanal loaf of bread from your local bakery might be made vs. a bagged loaf from the grocery store.


Which is scarier: The San Andreas trailer or Seattle’s future earthquake?

If you enjoy abject fear, you could just come to Seattle and stand near the Alaskan Way Viaduct every day, waiting to die.

With Farms Wide Open

From farmworker to farm owner: One man’s story of the American dream

What is the bigger challenge: Going from farmworker to farmer, or immigrant to citizen?


Let Amy Schumer remind you who should be making your birth control decisions

Boy scouts and priests weigh in on your birth control options in this hilarious Amy Schumer clip.


SeaWorld Barbie quits her job

Barbie and Jane Goodall can agree on one thing: SeaWorld is the worst.