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Want to support indigenous land rights? Keep talking about the people fighting for them.

Máxima Acuña, winner of the 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize, put her life on the line to block plans for a gold mine on her property.

What you need to know about presidential candidates’ climate plans

What are Cruz, Kasich, Trump, Clinton, and Sanders' plans to deal with a warming climate? Watch our video above to find out.

Shots and Chasers

In any war, you gotta have allies — including the one on abortion

The best male feminist allies are simply friends who wanted to talk and listen about life.

Shots and Chasers

The $430,480 cost of being a woman — and other infuriating facts!

Get good and pissed off, and then get a raise.

Shots and Chasers

We’re angry, but that’s our right — so is abortion

So you’re pissed off about this week's reproductive rights news. That’s OK! Channel it to vanquish your enemies.

Excuse me — do you know where my Appalachia is?

Relatively few people seem to understand what, where, or why the region is -- or even how to pronounce it. Surprise: It's all pretty complicated.

Shots and Chasers

Spring sprang, and we’re losing our minds. Here’s how to cope with the stress

It's been a tough week for reproductive rights, from the Supreme Court to the supreme close-mindedness of certain govenors.

Shots and Chasers

This week’s reproductive rights news comes with a side of catchy songs to brighten your day

The ongoing fight over abortion rights is crazy. Singing to yourself in public is not!

Sea level rise is already happening. How bad can it get?

We hop on the Climate Scientist Hotline to investigate -- and get our feet wet in the process.