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Shots and Chasers

We present incontrovertible proof that women are funnier than men

As you take in this week's reproductive rights news, listen to Maya Rudolph: "Have a glass of wine. Have 10 glasses of wine!"

Shots and Chasers

Pour a glass of booze and saddle up for this week’s birth control news

We're talking imprisoned mothers, late-term abortions, Amy Poehler, and apple cake for this week's Shots & Chasers.


Fossil fuels may be causing some serious damage on “The Leftovers” — just like in real life!

The HBO series' season two premiere featured some Texan earthquakes ... sound familiar?

Shots and Chasers

Got a date? Take him or her home — in honor of House Republicans

In honor of recreational sex, our chasers for the week are going to be as unreasonably caliente as we can muster.


Think birth control access doesn’t matter to the planet? Watch this

Watch the video above for our explanation of why reproductive rights matter to the planet -- featuring basic kitchen appliances!

Shots and Chasers

What do John Boehner, the pope, and the state of Texas have to say about women this week?

This has actually been a not-bad week for reproductive rights!

Shots and Chasers

We made this week’s reproductive rights news a little easier to swallow

There are not a lot of good things happening in the world of reproductive rights, but goddammit, we should still talk about it.

Climate & Energy

Costa Rica’s green plans: Sustainable coffee, bikes, and clean energy

Costa Rica has set an ambitious goal for itself: To be entirely carbon-neutral by 2021. But it’s really not that crazy.

Climate & Energy

Latino voters care a whole lot about climate change

A new poll shows that Latino voters are significantly more likely to understand that climate change is the result of human activities.