Greg Hanscom

Greg Hanscom was a senior editor at Grist.

Seattle traffic
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Seattle’s smart plan to remake its streets

The key: Making room for bikes, buses, and other mass transit, and no new concessions for cars.

Seattle: City of the Future

In the battle against climate change, Seattle is on the front lines

The Paddle in Seattle is just a hint of this city's commitment to fighting climate change. Next up: Eliminating its carbon footprint completely.

Seattle: City of the Future

Is Seattle a model for sustainable cities, or just a mess?

In a new series, Grist explores the Emerald City, where the future looks increasingly crowded.

5 reasons there might be hope for Baltimore after all

This big-hearted city is showing the world that it may be down, but it's sure not out.

Protesters jump on a police car at a rally to protest the death of Freddie Gray who died following an arrest in Baltimore, Maryland April 25, 2015.

Wake-up call from Baltimore: We can no longer ignore our inner cities

Watching the city blow up, we’re forced to recon with decades of racism and neglect. Now it’s time to get serious about solutions.

John Kerry

John Kerry knows cities hold the key to fighting climate change

As world leaders prepare for climate talks in Paris, the secretary of state says the real leadership is coming from the local level.

John Oliver is the only person who can make you laugh and care about fixing bridges

And the Last Week Tonight host has a good solution: raising gas taxes.

Crowded bus

Traffic is so bad in Seattle that people have resorted to riding the bus

Why sit in traffic all by yourself when you can do it with 30 or 40 of your closest friends?

House on stilts

Sea level “jumps” 5 inches. Probably nothing to worry about

Every once in a while, Mother Nature throws a curve ball.