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Meet the fixer: This farmer gives vets a chance to grow.

Veterans often have limited job options. Mike Lewis helps returning vets get back to the land.

put a solar panel on it

A coal company is literally putting a solar farm on top of an old coal mine.

Dead coal mine? Put a solar panel on it!

Final countdown

Grist is nominated for a Webby! And we need your vote.

It's the final countdown.

Meet the fixers: These teens sued for environmental justice.

Oil and gas drilling in cities puts people of color at risk. L.A. youth groups sued their city to clean up its act.

Meet the fixer: This young farmer is saving soil.

American farmers are losing too much soil. Justin Knopf goes to the root of the problem.

Want to fight for a future that doesn’t suck? Try Grist’s 21-Day Apathy Detox.

We've got the best tools and tips to help you build a better community and push for a planet that doesn’t burn.

Grist 50: Member pick

Meet the fixer: This developer built an app for food waste.

Perfectly good meals wind up in the trash. Raj Karmani built an Uber for food waste.

Meet the fixer: This lawyer stands with indigenous activists.

Police have arrested more than 700 Dakota Access demonstrators. Tara Houska stands with anti-pipeline activists.

Watch this trailer featuring good-looking people learning about climate change.

"Tomorrow" tries to show us "creative alternatives" to a dystopian future.