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This wind turbine will power your apartment without keeping you up at night

At five feet wide, it might not exactly fit on your Brooklyn fire escape. But it's a lot quieter than most turbines/randy apartment neighbors (We're talking to you, unit 309).

H&M gets slightly less evil, recycles your clothes into new jeans

Is H&M demonstrating its long-term Commitment to Sustainability or trying to make you forget that clothes-shredding scandal?

You’ve earned it: Here’s a supercut of the funniest climate change videos

Let The Onion, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Al Gore, and even Will Ferrell as George Dubya distract you from our self-inflicted planetary incineration.

Car Stalk

Meet “Traffic Droid,” the cycling superhero who calls out bad drivers

That’s WAY better than shooting a web outta your wrists or smashing things with a giant hammer.

The week in GIFs: Jesus and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

And a goat thrown in for good measure.

Is bike parking the key to better cities?

Bike parking is way cheaper than car parking, encourages healthier living, and contributes to cleaner air.

Just store your bike on the ceiling — it looks SUPER easy (ahem)

Simply knock a hole in your ceiling (your landlady won’t mind), throw some glass up there, add some bungee cords, and voila!

Roll your eyes at the beer fridge that promises to “save the world”

The eCool stores 24 cans o’ brew underground, keeping them cool until your next barbecue or backyard picnic.

Your family feud is more likely to be about global warming than guns or abortion

Does life start when a sperm high-fives an egg, or do they have to make out? Who cares? Climate change is WAY more fun to argue about!