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leak squad

Trump team wants the names of officials who worked on climate policy

A leaked questionnaire left Department of Energy staff feeling "unsettled."

China’s greenhouse emissions might already have peaked

The world's biggest emitter is on track to meet its Paris pledge early.

China to shut down 1,000 coal mines this year

With deeper cuts to follow.

China is kicking America’s butt on wind energy

China just scored another remarkable clean power win.

America was really damn hot last year, scientists confirm

It was the second-hottest year ever in the U.S., and it was awfully wet too.

Watch the very worst GOP anti-science moments of 2015

Prepare yourselves for snowballs, witch hunts, and a big measles outbreak.

Heads of state at COP21
The Paris climate talks: Yes oui can!

How world leaders came to agree on a landmark climate deal

The deal is far from an ultimate solution to climate change, but it represents unprecedented progress.

Crazy clip shows what happens when you connect gas bags to cows

Watch a time-lapse video to see how much methane these gassy beasts emit.

Discovery Channel boss claims “dramatic shift” in approach to science

With new leadership, Discovery is planning to air programming that's scientifically credible.