Jess Zimmerman

Jess Zimmerman was the editor of Grist List.

Metal-wheeled bike! Sure, why not?

  It's Friday, so here's a pointlessly pretty bike. It has metal wheels, because apparently you can make working bike wheels out of nothing but …

Watch cute kids build their own school out of bottles and trash

Especially if you're susceptible to optimistic reggae (I am!), this video of kids helping to build their own school out of bottles and trash ought to make you a little misty.

Texas Republican says we should still invest in solar after Solyndra

Here's Joe Barton, a Republican congressman from Texas, explaining why the Solyndra collapse shouldn't end solar loan guarantees. Refreshing! Solyndra had "too little oversight," Barton …

Meet NYC's most-used turnstile

Public transportation aficionados have a new pilgrimage destination: A turnstile at the bottom of the escalators at the Columbus Circle stop of the New York subway. That's the most-used turnstile of the most-used transportation system in the country.

Move to New York, save the planet

New York City's transportation commissioner wants you to come clog up her roads and subways. "If you want to save the planet, move to New York," Janette Sadik-Khan said at a Clinton Global Initiative panel discussion on Tuesday. Thanks to dense, car-light living, she said, New Yorkers have a third of the carbon footprint of the average American.

It's Car Free Day! Let's celebrate with a traffic jam, like China did

Today is Car Free Day in the U.S., a holiday that will probably be celebrated by fewer people than Talk Like a Pirate Day. But we might still end up more observant than China, which had No Car Day yesterday -- and celebrated with a giant traffic jam.

Michele Bachmann thinks food regulation is 'overkill'

Let nobody say Michele Bachmann isn't consistent, at least in this one particular sense. The woman just doesn't like regulation. Even the kind that's meant to keep you from chowing down on E. coli casserole.

The world's greenest car

Berkeley, Calif. news site Berkeleyside polled readers about what kind of car best embodies that famously granola town. The Volvo station wagon won out, but …

Pumpkin shortage slams Northeast

If you're going to want pumpkins for this season's jack-o-lanterns, pies, horseman head substitutes, or transportation to the ball, better start stocking up now. This year's weird weather has meant a smaller pumpkin crop, and existing pumpkins are selling for much more than usual. Thanks, climate change, you buzzkill.