John Upton

John Upton is a former Grist news blogger. He tweets, posts articles to Facebook, and blogs about ecology.


Illegal Monsanto GMO wheat found in Oregon

Monsanto tested a GMO wheat strain a decade ago but gave it up and never got it approved. Now it's invaded a field in Oregon, which could be bad news for America's wheat exporters.

Climate & Energy

Coal is rebounding, natural gas prices are up, and the world’s oil cartel is quite content

Times are good for the merchants of fossil fuels, with coal and natural gas prices on the rise and OPEC crowing about high demand for oil.

Business & Technology

Crappy solar panels threaten industry growth

The New York Times reports on a rise in defective solar panels. Experts blame the problems on cost-cutting Chinese firms.

Business & Technology

Walmart fined $82 million for dumping poisons

Walmart employees weren't trained on how to handle returned pesticides and other hazardous liquids, so they dumped them down drains and into the trash.

Business & Technology

Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson takes a job at Apple

Jackson will join the tech giant as vice president for environmental initiatives, to coordinate green activity across the company.

Climate & Energy

U.S. trees burned in British coal plants count as renewable energy. WTF?

The U.K. subsidizes the burning of American-grown wood in British coal power plants and somehow calls it "green." How can this be?


John Kerry’s wishful thinking on climate change

John Kerry told Ethiopians that the U.S. is below the Kyoto Protocol's greenhouse gas emissions targets. Yay! Unfortunately, that's not true. Boo!

Climate & Energy

Climate change adaptation: So simple, a caveman could do it

A new study suggests that climate change propelled our ancestors to greatness. Could anthropogenic climate change do the same for us?


GMO-free ingredients are tough to round up in the U.S.

Consumers want GMO-free products, but food manufacturers are having an exceptionally difficult time finding ingredients that haven't had their genes tinkered with.