Julia Lurie

Julia Lurie is a reporter at Mother Jones.

Climate & Energy

7 things to know about California’s drought

Everything you ever wanted to know about California's devastating drought but were too afraid to ask.


California almonds drink up 3 years worth of L.A.’s water use

And other amazing facts from the Golden State's epic nut boom.

Climate & Energy

California needs 16 million Olympic swimming pools worth of rain to end the drought

The two weeks of rain have helped, but it's not nearly enough.

Business & Technology

Bottled water comes from the most drought-ridden places in the country

Popular brands like Aquafina and Dasani source from catastrophically dry parts of the West.

Climate & Energy

Watch drought take over the entire state of California in one GIF

California, the producer of half of the nation's fruits, veggies, and nuts, is experiencing its third-worst drought on record.


California farms are sucking up enough groundwater to put Rhode Island 17 feet under

Here are four key takeaways from a new report prepared for the California Department of Food and Agriculture.


It takes HOW much water to make Greek yogurt?!

Dairy products require a whole lot of water -- and many of them come from drought-ridden California.


It takes how much water to grow an almond?!

Why California's drought is a disaster for your favorite fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Climate & Energy

Beyond a reasonable drought: California’s dry spell could be the worst in 500 years

And why it's too late for the rain.