Julia Lurie

Julia Lurie is a reporter at Mother Jones.

air grievances

Live near a busy road? You may have higher risk of dementia.

A study links air pollution from traffic to cognitive disorders.

Lack of Agency

EPA is breaking its own rules about protecting communities of color

It has a long history of failing to enforce anti-discrimination policies, a new report says.

Coal might be on the way out, but toxic coal ash isn’t going away

The toxic byproduct of burning coal has quietly become one of America's worst environmental justice problems.

coal power

Supreme Court whacks Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The court put a temporary hold on the EPA climate initiative, and that could be a bad sign for how the justices will rule on the plan down the line.

What you should know about California’s massive methane leak

The impact on the climate is equivalent to driving 7 million cars every day.

Many residents of this California town don’t have enough water to shower or flush the toilet

Welcome to East Porterville, also known as "ground zero" of the drought.

Los Angeles county firefighters battle wild land fire call the Pine Fire in Wrightwood, California July 17, 2015.

Thousands of felons are on the front lines of California’s forest fires

Over 30 percent of California's forest firefighters are prisoners.

Here’s another reason why oil refineries (literally) suck

Oil refineries are the second biggest water user of non-ag businesses in drought-parched California.

7 things to know about California’s drought

Everything you ever wanted to know about California's devastating drought but were too afraid to ask.