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Amazon’s “advanced shopping technology” will end the greatest threat to humanity: long checkout lines.

We can use the saved time to tackle other pressing issues: hat hair on picture day, no wifi in the bathroom, and mega corporations increasingly controlling all aspects of daily life.

show's not over

Despite victory for Standing Rock Sioux, Energy Transfer Partners vows Dakota Access Pipeline will go on.

Other route alternatives aren't looking good, either.

breaking hearts

Canada’s Justin Trudeau approved two controversial pipelines and rejected a third.

Trudeau just lost his charm.

it's lit

Thousands have fled their homes as historic wildfires burn in Tennessee.

At least 100,000 acres to burn burned across Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas since October.

Dakota Access

North Dakota’s governor has ordered an immediate evacuation of Standing Rock.

The tribe responds: "This state executive order is a menacing action meant to cause fear."


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tells Standing Rock water protectors to move on.

Demonstrators were told last week to be out by the 5th of December.

Nice Try

Donald Trump may have an “open mind” on climate change now, but he’ll still strip NASA of funding.

Don't listen to how Donald Trump feels about climate change today -- listen to what he's going to do for climate research.

Dark Days

REI and Patagonia are making Black Friday slightly less awful.

These are good ideas -- but also astute marketing.

All About the Benjamins

Trump vows to create jobs by cutting regulations. That won’t work.

Overregulation isn't the reason the fossil fuel industry has lost so many jobs in the past couple of years.