Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Senate Republicans introduce same-old energy legislation, give it funny name

If it seems like you've seen these proposals before, you have. And they kind of admit it.

Here is everything people have written about sustainability at the Olympics

In no particular order, and, despite the headline, certainly not everything: The Olympic Games’ official sustainability site! How organizers plan to make the Games green! The top six green buildings at the Olympics! How the Games precipitated a green building …

What to expect when you’re expecting more drought (black widows!)

Bugs, expensive food, ruined highways. The future is not looking great.

At least 70 percent of Arctic ice loss is due to climate change

And perhaps as much as 95 percent, according to a new computer model.

Good news for ExxonMobil investors!

The company made more in one hour over the last three months than three average college grads will make in their lifetimes.

Will Fox News be angry at this obvious indoctrination in our schools?

A recent seminar held for Oklahoma teachers could be the next big outrage. At least, in a more sensible world.

Meatless Monday suggestion causes D.C. to have a cow

The USDA's internal suggestion that people cut back on meat basically is the worst thing that ever happened to our nation.

Coal company changes its mind about sworn testimony, decides a big pile of coal ash outside is just fine

Prairie State does a little tiptoe around democracy and its promises about coal-ash disposal.

Greenwashing is better for business than real sustainability efforts

Disheartening news from a new study.