Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Sally Ride pushed us to understand our climate and our world

After becoming the first American woman in space, she went on to inspire kids to learn about science and coauthor a book about climate change.

Another reason to bug out: Drought puts electrical production at risk

Traditional fossil-fuel-based power generation requires an enormous amount of water. No water, no power.

Cargill recalls over 29,000 pounds of ground beef

Cook your meat, America.

Fracking research: Industry-sponsored, unclear, and misinterpreted

Science: Harder for people who aren't scientists.

The $1.3 billion wasted in the debt ceiling fight could buy a lot of Merlot

But the political value to the Republican party was priceless.

Republicans want end to regulations, you eaten by alligator

House Republicans are pushing a bill that would ban any new major regulations until unemployment drops below 6 percent. Really.

Drought in U.S. is terrible news for the whole wide world

Reading the papers this weekend probably made you thirsty.

Are more colorful lobsters a bad sign?

More and more unusually colored lobsters are being reported, as stocks in Maine spike and those in Connecticut plummet.

Green investment pays off for basically everyone except coal-based power companies

Green investment increases the resale value of a house by 9 percent; it pays the government 10 percent on its solar tax credit.