Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

A third of North Dakota natural gas never makes it to market — which may be a good thing

While burning the gas at the wellsite costs the state and the gas company money, it's better than some alternatives.

Obama’s threat to act unilaterally on climate change? Looking empty

Conversations with senior administration officials suggest that the threat doesn't have teeth -- and won't include regulations on old power plants.

Courting White House arrest over Keystone XL: Rancher, financier, Kennedy, Sierra Club head

At an action today in Washington, celebrities and activists try to put pressure on the president to reject the Keystone pipeline.

Will New York’s next mayor keep the city’s bike lanes?

It depends on who wins.

N.Y. town board sued for banning discussion of fracking at meetings

The board of Sanford, N.Y., got tired of hearing citizens oppose fracking in public meetings, so it barred the topic. Now it's being sued.

North Dakota’s red-hot, frack-fueled economy is starting to slow down

More drilling means higher costs to drill, which is starting to cool the once-bearably-warm state.

Test drive of Tesla sedan leaves New York Times stranded

A review of the Tesla Model S in the Times leads to lots of finger-pointing, but no clear answers.

2013 will be a banner year for farm profits, according to analysis that ignores the drought

If the weather in the U.S. were normal relative to the past, 2013 would be the most profitable year since 1973, says the USDA.

Minnesota mayor doesn’t see why he can’t also run a sand-mining advocacy group

His argument is, in part, that the city of Red Wing elected him knowing he was a lobbyist.