Sarah Laskow

Sarah Laskow is a reporter based in New York City who covers environment, energy, and sustainability issues, among other things.

Dead heat: Climate change brings killer heat waves

This comic explores how climate change will increase heat-related deaths across the U.S.

Organic eggs are so expensive because the chickens eat fancy imported food

American farmers aren't growing enough organic feed to feed the chickens that produce organic eggs

Get an up-close, face-to-face view of a rescued pelican learning to fly

Bigbird the Pelican was a foundling.

New Google Street View project lets you hang out with polar bears

Well, not in real life, but there is a nice video.

Whole Foods doesn’t want organic food and regular food to touch (but this may not be totally crazy)

It is a little bit funny, though.

New Jersey wants to dump toxic waste on a site that was just cleaned up

Why? Possibly because it'll be profitable for people with political connections.

Recycled plastic doodads make instant divided bike lanes

We were going to like the Armadillo even if it didn't have a very practical purpose.

Volcanoes are giving us a breather from climate change

Someone, at some point, must have made the right sacrifice to the right volcano god.

Moss can power a radio, and could eventually charge your phone

A team of scientists over in Europe have decided to take the idea of “green” power very, very literally.