Sarah Miller

This (theoretical) house is entirely powered by exercise

How would you like to have a house where every room was a workout station? How would you like it if that house was named after Jane Fonda?

Determined kids in small California town push for plastic bag ban

A group of NorCal kids who kept a park open with their efforts have now turned their attention to single-use plastic bags.

This guy got swallowed by a hippo and lived to tell his harrowing tale

Paul Templer almost got eaten by a hippo. He passes the wisdom from this experience on to you.

Hand-sized, house-eating snails show up in Texas

Texas had a scare when a snail resembling a giant African snail showed up in Houston. Luckily, it was just a rosy wolfsnail.

Looking for a cleaner way to camp? Sleep in a trash bag

Music-festival slobs can make a mess in their trash-bag tent, then throw the whole thing away. It doesn't reduce the amount of waste, but it reduces the amount that's on the ground.

Brooklyn police bust rooftop grow operation … of heirloom tomatoes

New York cops pumped for marijuana bust discover: Oh, they're just TOMATO PLANTS.

Some saint made a funny, depressing blog about NYC’s worst apartments

A blog showcasing New York's shittiest rooms also underscores how hard it is to find decent, affordable housing that isn't a repurposed fridge.

For $35 you can eat a lion-meat taco

Ever wonder what it's like to eat lion rather than vice versa? Taco Fusion will let you find out.

You can help save Venice’s old-school gondolas

There are two kinds of gondolas in Venice. Kickstarter is trying to save the cheaper ones.