So Dunkin’ Donuts and Jack In the Box both have waffle sandwiches, and lot of fancier places are getting all upscale with the waffle as well. Waffles are kind of the bacon of carbohydrates. And so, it is not terribly surprising that Taco Bell would join in with its own waffle experience, which is a “taco” consisting of an egg and sausage inside a waffle.

In place of hot sauce, the breakfast waffle taco comes with syrup, if you are one of those people who thinks syrup on eggs is OK. I am not, but I ate an entire jar of mayonnaise this weekend, so I don’t judge. Except for that tiny part of me that thinks just because I like mayonnaise doesn’t give license to Taco Bell to mess around with food DNA until it produces a waffle taco, and somehow (this is maybe the scariest part) doing so in a way that allows it to make a profit even though it’s selling it for $0.89. Like, what is that sausage made out of that it cost it so little to purchase wholesale and then sell to us?

Anyway. You’ll just maybe have to go get one and decide for yourself if you are excited or terrified about this or both. I am on my way now. Hold the syrup please. (But do you have any mayonnaise?)

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