Sarah Miller

Move over, Marlboro man — here comes the Marlboro bird!

Smart: Birds use cigarettes to repel mites from their nests. Smarter: They may prefer the brands highest in nicotine.

China has plans for a victory garden in space

It's is very, very hard to get fresh, local veggies in space. But China has a solution.

Learn the difference between ‘weather’ and ‘climate change’ or go to jail

Go ahead. Look at the temperature and say "so much for global warming." You feel lucky, punk?

This climate rap video by a dude in a giant Earth costume is kind of seriously amazing

Climate change is serious. But put a fedora on it and make it dance and it becomes a little easier to take.

Russia had a three-day traffic jam

There was a three-day traffic jam in Russia because of a snow storm. You thought maybe Russians were good at dealing with snow? Apparently they are not.

Who loves eating lobsters more than you? Lobsters

Lobsters eating lobsters -- just more proof that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. But If they can just figure out how to make French fries, they can open up a little stand on the pier.

More-dangerous-than-normal crocodile on the loose near Miami

A Nile crocodile runs wild on the streets of Miami. And no, you can't keep it.

This lamp tells you the weather by puffing out clouds in your house

It's a lamp that tells you what the weather is. We don't understand how it works but we would buy one.

Men think it’s perfectly fine to eat meat because PENISES

Women who eat meat tend to ignore that it's bad for the environment. Men tend to come up with all kinds of reasons to do what they feel like doing anyway.