A very cool-seeming group of individuals in the Dominican Republic, collectively known as Colectivo Revark, have created a colorful, sustainable shelter for 50 unfortunate animals, who have previously suffered from either abuse or neglect. And they’ve built it from salvaged plywood, tires, shipping pallets, and plastic drums. 

Here, these lovely and innocent creatures will have the chance to rebuild their lives surrounded by ample space, good design, and hopefully, lots of TLC. Here is a video of a Chihuahua that some totally evil person threw out of a car, but don’t worry, it’s a nice video because the Chihuahua has friends who love him.


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The multi-level shelter where Oliver and 49 animalito pals will live is made of a motley but intelligent selection of materials, including empty plastic tanks, disused shipping pallets, and plywood. It will have a rain harvesting system and be powered with both solar and wind. Here is some more about the building.


Basically this is a win for the planet, a win for animals, and a win for you because you get to look at pictures of the animals.