Sarah Miller

This guy is putting the Earth up for auction, and it’s only $123 million

You're face to face with the man who sold the world on Yahoo Auctions.

Hedgehog rescued from potato chip bag by professional hedgehog-rescuers

A hedgehog crawled into a potato chip bag outside a supermarket in Weston-super-Mare. After a three-hour ordeal, it was rescued, and is fine, and still cute.

House candidate Doug LaMalfa is the archetypal climate-denying idiot

It's so easy to listen to those really quotable climate nuts. But let's not let the super boring ones get lost in the climate denial shuffle.

London traffic light has 75 anxiety-inducing signals

It's a traffic light! It's a piece of public art! It stands where a tree used to stand! It makes us want to cry!

These beautiful, sobering murals are made entirely out of sugar

A Canadian artist uses sugar to make art depicting the slave trade and its relationship to the sugar industry in the Americas. Pretty sweet.

Lobster in costume found on Halloween

A half-black half-orange lobster was found in Massachusetts on Halloween.

A walnut thief is on the loose with millions of innocent walnuts

Some guy posed as a walnut delivery driver and stole a buttload of walnuts. He's 6'2" and he has a Russian accent. Be on the lookout.

When climate change destroys the potato, we’ll all have to eat bananas

As the world gets warmer, we will have fewer potatoes. But we will have lots of bananas and cassava. So don't worry.

Mayor Bloomberg’s ASL interpreter was the unsung hero of Sandy

Lydia Callis kept New Yorkers sane, and gave them something awesome to look at during a tense time.