Sarah Miller

Apparently even cats can get addicted to McDonald’s

A cat got used to eating McDonald's. Now he won't eat anything else.

We actually kinda love this furniture made out of dirt

This new line of disposable furniture comes so directly from the earth that it's easy to make it return to the earth.

This McDonald’s hamburger is 14 years old

If this hamburger were a human, it would be in high school.

Chili peppers might help develop new medication for migraines

Chili peppers and migraines cause pain in the same way. Researchers hope this discovery has led to a miracle drug.

If you can’t grow your own aerodynamic mullet, you can buy one instead

You don't have to grow a mullet to sport this most aerodynamic of hairstyles. And you don't have to be ashamed to love it.

This sustainable vibrator started out as a joke, until everyone wanted one

Sex toy company Lelo thought this sustainable vibrator was a funny April Fools' joke. Everyone else thought it was a great idea.

Facebook’s new roof is greener, more expensive than yours

Facebook is putting an amazing green roof on its new building in Menlo Park. It's going to be big and elaborate. You can only see it if you get a job at Facebook.

Two-in-one trash can removes your excuse not to recycle

The Solecan is two cans that snap together into one. You just have to move your recycling about an inch to the left, which you can probably handle even if you're really lazy.

Disabled squirrel named Winkelhimer learns to express herself through painting

Winkelhimer Smith, artist and squirrel, is dealing with the trauma of a cat attack through painting.