Can you imagine using a tablespoon of water to charge your cellphone? This fantastic idea might become a reality sooner than you think. The FC PowerTrekk unit is a fuel cell, and it’s also a battery pack, and it can charge anything that uses a USB cord. You just add water, and the fuel cell produces energy, while the battery pack stores it.

Here’s a deeper explanation from the manufacturers themselves:

At the heart of myFC PowerTrekk is myFC’s proprietary FuelCellSticker technology. Made from foils and adhesives, these FuelCellStickers form a flexible assembly less than 2.75mm thick. Since the hydrogen fuel can be supplied from several alternative sources, the system is “flexifuel”.

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The fuel cell inside myFC PowerTrekk is a completely passive system. Without fans or pumps, the fuel cell silently converts hydrogen into electricity via its Proton Exchange Membrane.

The chemistry process is safe, controllable and eco-friendly, and the only bi-product from the fuel cell is a little water vapor. To operate, hydrogen must be supplied to the fuel cell, and the fuel cell must be exposed to the open air.

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The FC PowerTrekk unit will be available soon. It’s not cheap — it’s going to sell for about $229 — but like similar contraptions, it pays for itself. (Although we do have to point out that the BioLite camp stove charger is only $129.95 AND you get soup. We are not in the pay of BioLite; we just approve of soup.) If you want one, go to the website and let them know.