Stephen Lacey

Stephen Lacey is a reporter with Climate Progress covering clean energy issues. He formerly worked as a producer/editor at

Shocker: Conservative governor believes there’s a problem with the climate

Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich called for action on climate change, saying he was “all for” developing clean energy. (Too bad he's still all for fossil fuels, too.)

Pew poll: Clean energy still popular among everyone except old conservatives

The oldest, most conservative Americans may get turned off by clean energy, but it still has solid support among the rest of the electorate -- making it a classic wedge issue.

Clean coal nonsense: New industry ad claims ‘real environmental progress’

The coal industry has rolled out a new ad trying desperately to paint itself as “clean."

Romney supported cap-and-trade in 2003 as a way to combat climate change

To add to the growing list of Mitt Romney's flip-flops on energy and climate, in 2003 he called cap-and-trade "an effective approach" to mitigating climate change.

HEAT stroke: House energy action plan reads like a bad April Fools’ joke

With its latest energy action plan basically a how-to for warming the planet, the House Energy Action Team (HEAT) lives up to its name. We wish it were still April 1.

Etch A Sketchy: Romney used to favor high gas prices

In 2006, Romney supported high gas prices as a way to discourage consumption. He's since hit the reset button on that talking point, too.

Chinese cheaters? U.S. slaps modest tariffs on solar panels from China

American solar-panel manufacturers have complained that the Chinese are crushing them with underpriced, over-subsidized panels -- and now the U.S. Commerce Department officially agrees.

Algae damn: Obama’s failed message on climate and energy innovation

By not mentioning climate change, Obama is letting the GOP rule the conversation on energy.

Congress toys with the future of wind energy

The same lawmakers clinging desperately to Keystone won't extend the production tax credit that keeps the burgeoning wind industry alive.