Tim McDonnell

Business & Technology

Here’s what fracking can do to your health

A new study examines the potential hazards of natural gas extraction.

Business & Technology

GOP lawmakers scramble to court Tesla

With a $5 billion battery factory on the line, Republican lawmakers in four states vie to prove they're the fairest of them all.

Business & Technology

Now you can get solar panels at Best Buy

SolarCity continues its drive to make installing solar panels the easiest green thing you ever did, by letting customers sign up while running errands.

Climate & Energy

These pictures of spring flowers will melt your frozen heart

Climate change is making spring happen earlier, and bringing wildflowers along with it.

Climate & Energy

Can this coal plant save the climate?

Step inside the project that could be the key to Obama’s climate legacy … or a multibillion-dollar boondoggle.

Climate & Energy

Will Sochi have enough snow?

Piles of fake snow at the Olympics are the latest sign of an industry on the brink.


6 things Obama can do on climate without Congress

There's still a lot POTUS can do.

Climate & Energy

The first lawsuit against Obama’s new coal limits just got filed

Here's why the state of Nebraska thinks the newly published power plant emissions regulations are illegal.

Climate & Energy

Scientists: Current international warming target is “disastrous”

A new study dynamites a long agreed-upon climate goal.

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