Tim McDonnell

Tim McDonnell is a Climate Desk associate producer. Read more of his stories here or follow him on Twitter.

Business & Technology

How much is a beachfront home in the Sandy-ravaged Rockaways?

Homes ripped apart by Sandy are proving to be magnets for bargain hunters -- but not everyone is getting a good deal.

Climate & Energy

Can we 3D print our way out of climate change?

3D printing could slash the carbon footprint of manufacturing and provide nifty solutions for a disaster-prone world.

Climate & Energy

Climate change could mean seven times as many Katrinas

If only a fraction of predicted global warming happens, the East Coast could be in for a rough century.

Climate & Energy

Could Waxman’s new bill offer fresh hope for a carbon tax?

Waxman and several other Democratic lawmakers are grinding out bills that would make polluters pay for their greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate & Energy

Is the next Fukushima in your backyard?

Two years after Fukushima, some U.S. nuclear power plants are still having meltdown scares.

Climate & Energy

A bigger, badder climate ‘hockey stick’

New research takes the deepest dive ever into historic climate records -- and comes up still blaming humans for recent warming.

Climate & Energy

Can this contraption make fracking greener?

A California company says its new tool can help plug methane leaks. But the proof will be in the fracked pudding.

Climate & Energy

How climate change worsened violence in Syria

International security experts explain how low rainfall can evolve into violent conflict.

Climate & Energy

Top four reasons the U.S. still doesn’t have a single offshore wind turbine

The U.K. has 870. Germany has 416. So what’s stopping us?

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