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Tim McDonnell is a Climate Desk associate producer. Read more of his stories here or follow him on Twitter.

Climate & Energy

We just passed the climate’s ‘grim milestone’

A monitor in Hawaii registered 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere. Here's what that means.

Climate & Energy

Finally, some not-terrible climate news: Greenland not melting any faster

The last 10 years have seen unprecedented ice loss. Don't expect that speedup to continue, a new study says.

Climate & Energy

Fracking boom in North Dakota is here to stay

A new federal study doubles previous estimates of the Bakken Shale’s oil reserves.

Climate & Energy

Why do conservatives like to waste energy?

Want to sell a Republican a greener lightbulb? Don't tell them it's green.

Climate & Energy

The smart money is on renewable energy

Fossil fuel cheerleaders take note: Clean energy ain't going nowhere -- and it may prove to be the better bet in the long run.

Climate & Energy

GOP goes hunting for EPA emails about turducken

… but misses the big picture of the agency's transparency problems.

Climate & Energy

‘Messy’ U.S. climate policy is kinda working

Even without an overall climate strategy, the country is inching ahead on climate action, a new report found.

Climate & Energy

Obama biofuel budget spills few details, still attacked by House GOP

GOP lawmakers are pushing bills to limit the amount of biofuels in the nation's energy supply and axe requirements that gasoline producers use ethanol.

Climate & Energy

Frackers lose $1.5 billion yearly thanks to leaky pipes

Methane leaks are "super low-hanging fruit": Fixing them may be the single biggest step the U.S. could take toward meeting its emissions-reduction goals.

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