Business & Technology

Business & Technology

Amazon might be opening hundreds of bookstores

An Amazon bookstore could soon be coming to a mall near you.


Shaming homeless people? There’s an app for that — or is there?

SnapCamp is either a horrible idea or a smart commentary on the tech industry.


Hellmann’s, defender of all things mayonnaise, jumps into the vegan market

Sayonara, Just Mayo, there’s a new vegan spread in town. Meet Hellmann's Carefully Crafted Dressing & Sandwich Spread.


Say hello to East Africa’s first solar-powered bus

It looks like the wheels are being set in motion for cleaner transit in Uganda.


Move over, civet cats: This coffee company tries a fresh approach with bacteria

A new company is experimenting with custom-fermented coffee that mirrors the flavor profile of civet beans. We put it to a taste test.

Tropical fruit in Nebraska? Geothermal makes it possible … and cheap

A greenhouse in the Midwest is producing oranges, lemons, figs, and more.

This Silicon Valley hotshot is modernizing one of the world’s most conservative industries

David Friedberg’s Climate Corporation, owned by Monsanto, helps farmers adapt to warming temperatures.

Business & Technology

New report shows mistreatment of garment workers by familiar brands

Here’s your regular reminder that where you buy your clothes actually matters.

Huge, hurricane-resistant wind turbines could be coming to an ocean near you

Just one of these turbines could generate as much energy as a small power plant.